• In the early 00’s Claire was Mountain Biking and studying Fashion Design. Much to her tutors' distaste, she knew she wanted to specialise in Sportswear. After juggling a placement at a Mountain Biking brand through most of her final year, this cemented the decision. Since then she has specialised in Sportswear and technical clothing.

  • Alongside this she pursued cycling.
    Rode cols in France, hills of Liege, crit races of London, endless commutes, country meanders, cake stops, off road pootles and cafe rides. Fallen off, got back up, cried and laughed on many, many adventures.

  • So to the present day.
    The one constant is cycling: a tool that enables us the freedom to get outside, connect with nature and move our bodies. It is the freedom of the outdoors and spirit of adventure that drives us.