Who we are.

Who we are.

Hello! Claire here, founder of Petrichor Projects.  

After a lot of product development, going on behind the scenes,  we are gearing up to launch our first product (a lightweight packable bag) next month, then our technical cycle clothing, next year.

I’m  super excited to bring these to market, each product has been a long time in the development phase and can’t wait to see them launch.

I wanted to take the time to explain a little more about Petrichor Projects and my background.

Petrichor Projects started out in early 2020. Mid pandemic and probably mid walk of the same park, I decided now was the time to make a start on the brand I had been mulling over, several years previously.

Since an early age I had always been sewing and left school at 16 to pursue Fashion Design. From the ages of 16 -21 I had been learning the craft of pattern cutting, how to sew industry standard pockets, tailoring and learning how to draw beautiful fashion illustrations.




Alongside my time at college and university, I had become pretty good at riding mountain bikes. (Not really good - but Ok!) 


How MTB looked in the early 00’s!

I juggled my final year at university alongside the continuation of a sportswear work placement, which was meant to last 6 weeks and continued for the year, working for Royal Racing (owned by the MTB legend Steve Peat!)

This confirmed to me that I could join both of these passions and ever since then, I’ve had an amazing time working with some of the greatest cycling brands, firstly Royal Racing, then Rapha, Wiggle, Albion and Soar Running, making technical clothing.

And, alongside this my cycling journey continued. From riding the Etape and the classic Liege bastogne liege, to racing, first mountain bikes, then road crits and road races, spending 13 hours riding the (almost) length of the country from Manchester to London and so many more adventures. 

So that's how it all started. Mid Pandemic and the realisation it was time to do make a brand built for women, by women. 

Designed and developed by a product expert, who loves cycling and wants to bring a women first approach to cycling, so began Petrichor Projects.

Picture of the founder - Claire

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