petrichor projects is celebrating.

petrichor projects is celebrating.

This month petrichor projects is one year old!

I launched the business with the intention of doing things differently and creating technical cycling products with a woman first approach.

In November 2022 the business was launched with a tiny amount of our first product, a packable bag made in the UK. I open the pre-order window on the website, not really knowing what would happen next.

The first photoshoot, for the packable bag

Over the last year, it's been a huge journey so far and I’ve been reflecting on a few highlights.


1.Organising rides and so many bike trips. Over the last year, I’ve been bike packing around the Norfolk coast, cycled the Canti way, down to Dorset for Brother in the Wild, and not to forget going back to my MTB roots and riding the Hope Wmn enduro at Gisburn forest. Earlier in the year I ran a series of petrichor projects rides out of, and in central London and it was amazing to get to meet so many new faces.


 A petrichor projects gravel ride, out to Kent

2. PP002 Bib launch. This one was huge, after working on a product for three years and then launching it into the world, it was so daunting. It turns out I needn’t have worried. Amazing reviews, feedback and sales. I’ve even heard it now means some of you no longer wear your other cycling bibs.

One the amazing reviews for the women's bib short

3. Amazing feedback from customers. I’ve absolutely loved receiving your messages and feedback. Hearing how much you love the products I have released, genuinely means so much to a solo founder!

4. Moving to a new studio. Last month we made the move further along the Thames to a new studio. Having a bigger workspace means more room to grow and do cool things. I’m not sure if I mentioned yet on Instagram how much I love the new commute along the Thames path!

Stunning views of the Thames barrier, on the commute to the studio

5.Support from customers, friends, family and mentors. Couldn’t have done it without you all.x

A very brief run through of year one, and I’m very excited to see where the next one takes the brand. 


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