Flo Daisy

Flo Daisy

From the very start of Petrichor Projects, the aim has always been to not only capture the freedom of the outdoors and spirit of adventure, but also to focus on stories from those less well heard voices.

In a continuing series we focus on the work of female designers, to highlight their work and also capture their voice within the outdoors.

In the first of our series, we worked with Flo Daisy. A recent Illustration graduate, based in Leeds.

Person with long hair looking at the view, with hills in the background


Flo’s work stood out to us with beautiful textures and showing the humanity and imperfections of daily life. We set the brief to visually create our mission: To capture the freedom of the outdoors and Spirit of adventure.

We caught up with Flo to find out more about her relationship to nature and creative process:


  • PP: Hi Flo! We’d love to know, what is your favourite part of the country to ‘get outdoors’?

  • FDEither the Lake District, where I grew up, or the Welsh borders, where I go to visit my family. 


  • PP: Run/ Picnic/ Swim/ Stroll/ Hike/ Ramble/ Meander/ Cycle/ Climb/ Camp? (Tick all that apply!)

  • FD: Picnic/ Swim/Ramble/ MeanderCamp


  • PP: Has your relationship with the outdoors changed since the pandemic?

  • FD: I certainly appreciate it more now, because it feels even more like truly escaping when you get out onto an open hillside. I was especially glad to live near some woodland when we were only allowed out for exercise during the lockdowns.  I feel like I saw the seasons change solely by visiting those woods! 


  • PP: Has your relationship with the outdoors changed over time/ as you have got older?

  • FD: I feel like everyone says this, but I enjoy the view a lot more now! When I was young I didn’t see much of a point in walks, I felt like I was being dragged up the mountains of the Lakes for no reason! But now I miss those same mountains all the time, and when I go back to visit, they feel so welcoming.


  • PP: What emotions does the concept of being outdoors inspire?

  • FD: To me, being outdoors feels like letting go of a deep breath that you’ve been holding in for too long. 

Illustration of rolling hills and trees


PP: How does being active outdoors change your mood, perspective on life & impact your well being?

  • FD: Looking up at an expanse of sky and mountainside makes me feel small in comparison to the power of Mother Nature, which I find helps me to let go of irrational anxieties and everyday problems, because you begin to realise their insignificance. That feeling of achy feet and tired muscles after a long walk makes the day feel fulfilling, like I’ve used my time well and achieved something! 


  • PP: How do you feel after being immersed in nature? FD: Refreshed and rejuvenated!


  • PP: How would you visualise memories of adventures outdoors, alone or with friends?

  • FD: Breathless conversations with my aunt and uncle while walking up a steep mountain,  watching the dogs run ahead amongst the grass. Swimming in the lake with my mum outside my grandparents house in Snowdonia, paddle-boarding on the sea in Canada with my best friend.  Traipsing through those all too-familiar woods with my housemates during lockdown, and that one time my partner and I got up to watch the sunrise there on our favourite bench. 


  • PP: How would you capture memories of adventures outdoors, alone or with friends?

  • FD: Well, I feel like I brought my memories into my illustrations for Petrichor, particularly when trying to capture that expansiveness of sky and mountainside that I mentioned earlier.  I like sketching when I’m out in nature too, although I find it quite difficult to fit everything I can see onto a small piece of paper! 


  • PP: How did you approach the brief?

  • FD: I approached this brief with my usual creative process, making mind maps and sketches first and then moving onto colour swatches and brush tests before finalising the illustrations. I found it really useful to have intermittent phone calls with Claire throughout, to discuss the development of my work and how to push it further to truly represent the brand. 


  • PP: What tools/ methods did you work with to create the project? 

  • FD: I used my sketchbook and pencils at first, but quite quickly moved on to using ProCreate on my iPad.  


  • PP: Did working on this project make you think any differently about getting outside/ or reflect on your relationship with it? 

  • FD: Looking at the lovely reference images of British countryside made me want to get out and explore it more often than I do, and drawing bikes/cyclists made me interested in doing some cycling as well! We’ll see if that happens… Leeds is notoriously bad for cyclists! 


  • PP: Favourite snack/ fuel/ sustenance for the outdoors?

  • FD: I’ll have to say Kendal Mint Cake, in honour of my hometown. 


  • PP: Any future outdoors adventures planned?

  • FD: I’m visiting the Welsh border in a couple of weeks, so I'm sure I’ll be walking on many familiar footpaths and hillsides in Herefordshire with my mum and my partner!

Flo Daisy


Flo Daisy

PP: Thanks so much for chatting to us! Where can we follow your work?


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