A truly circular fibre

A truly circular fibre

This autumn winter we will be launching two more innovative products into our range, focusing once again on innovation with a woman first approach. This season however, we will be using Merino wool.

Merino is the world's finest and softest wool and is hugely versatile to wear. This type of wool comes only from the Merino breed of sheep, usually only found in Australia or New Zealand. The wool is grown all year round and every year the sheep produce a new fleece, making this fibre truly circular. 



Merino wool differs from other types, due to its softness, durability and easy care nature. This is achievable because of the thinness of the yarn blended from this type of sheep. The thinner the fibre (Micron) the softer the yarn is next to the skin.

Once the fleece is shorn, it goes through various processes to get it turned into a yarn. Wool handlers remove any vegetation from the fleece, then the wool is graded according to its quality. The fleece then goes through a scouring process to clean it.

The wool then is carded, which means the tangled strands are untangled and combed. Then it can be converted into a yarn and that yarn, knitted or woven into garments.



As you can probably tell, we are advocates for this high achieving fibre. Known for its warmth properties, (even when wet), superb insulation properties, and incredible durability, no other man made fibre comes close to the natural properties of Merino. 

As wool is fully circular and sustainable, using this fibre in our products further adds to our mission of producing as responsibly as possible.

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